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….in an instant.

A girl, no more than eighteen or nineteen
years old, walked into a sandwich shop and just stood there,
staring at the guy behind the counter making the sandwiches.

After he finished putting together the last order,
he walked over to her, covered in vinegar and

…..and kissed her on the forehead.

He whispered something in her ear, and then
walked back behind the counter and started
making the next sandwich.

She stood there for what seemed like another
two or three minutes marinating in the moment,
before she started to walk towards the door,
slowly …and eventually out of sight.

I noticed something magical between them.

Something intriguing …and it moved me.

I watched her eat for the next few minutes before,
out of nowhere, I felt compelled to just get up and
walk over to the counter.

I looked into the young man’s eyes and said….

“Was that your girlfriend? It seemed like you
really cared about her. How long have you two
been together?”

He replied…..

“Yes, and we’ve been together for 18 months. But
the first year was terrible. I was away at college and
I missed her so bad it was killing me. So I came
back to be with her.”

“Wow”, I said.

“I always know a good man when I see one.”

But I realized something more profound at that moment
than I would have ever imagined.

What seemed like a simple display of the power of
love turned into one of the most powerful life lessons
I’ve ever experienced.

Sometimes in life…..

You’re not going to make everyone happy.

I’m confident that boys parents were not happy that
he came home after only his first year in college because
he missed his girlfriend so bad it was like a knife in
his heart to be away from her.

And sometimes the right decision is not always
the popular one.

But at the end of our lives we’ll all have to answer
the same hard questions.

Did I live how I wanted to live?

Did I love how I wanted to love?

And did I spend my time, doing the things that I
wanted to do, with the people I wanted to do them

That’s the questions we’ll all face.

That’s the only questions that matter.

So I’ll ask you…..

Are you living how you want to live?

Are you loving how you want to love?

And are you doing the things that you want to do,
with the people you want to do them with?

If not, you deserve to be.

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Right now you can decide to start having the
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You can live.

You can love.

And you can be free.

But you have to decide.

And the decision isn’t half as hard as the one
that boy made to come home because he couldn’t
stand to be away from his girlfriend for another

This decision is easy.

But the impact can be more powerful than any
one decision you’ve ever made.

So go ahead…..

Live a little.

Love a little.

Go all out.

You deserve it.

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Just one.

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