Help People Earn While Making your marketing ‘Sting’.

Let’s face it.

Internet Marketing Cycle

Internet Marketing Cycle?Bruce Clay Inc (

Most people suck at marketing.

There’s a reason for that.

they don’t know how to create
‘sting’ in the market place.

They don’t know why.

or how -

- two ex homeless guys can do
things like:

* Help people earn more than
$3.9 million in just over 4

* Set up 18,848 blogs for
‘newbies’ online in only
120 days?

* Help over 100 people earn
in excess of $5,800 in

and why the heck a
doctor, or a professor
with a PHD would listen
to a recovering alcoholic

a damned guy who looks
like a hippie.

There’s a reason why.

We’re gearing up for our
re-launch here on Monday,
and Dave Wood wanted you
to know the ‘hippie way’
to create sting in the
market place?

watch the video here:

You might feel empowered
watching that video

and you might even
learn how you can earn
a $10,000 cash prize
here in the next 3

and you may even start
to like homeless guys.

(who knows)

Watch it here:

* Trust me. There’s a

Watch out for video #2

EN Founding Member

P.S. Don’t be a wussy.

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You Will So Love This!

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