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What To Do To Make Money…

2,000,000 And The Numbers Keep Rising.

I wanted you to see something

Rising from the ashes of defeat,

many like you
have been frustrated, hopeless,
and in despair, yet somehow
overcame this, and now,today
are about to get paid their
two millionth dollar in commissions
in only 56 days :)


You want to see the movie.

There are three things that you
need to have in your business,
if you want the river of abundance
to flow to you like water.


First, you want to have a product
that everyone wants to buy

Second, you want to learn the
critical secret keys to selling
lots, and lots of that product.

Third, you want to over-deliver
on your promise, giving people
even more for their money than
you actually promised.

Because when you do those three things
all that’s left is to decide to take
massive action
and money can flow to you like a river.

I’m not saying that making
money is easy

I’m not saying that everything
is going to be absolutely, totally simple

I’m not saying that riches will come to you instantly

Because that wouldn’t be telling the truth.

and that’s not why we’ve helped
people make almost $2,000,000 in
commissions in the last 56 days

It’s because we taught them the
secrets, they listened, and more than that,
they just deciding to take action
by watching this movie:

and buying this product:

it’s because they see the vision
it’s because they decided to do
whatever it takes
it’s because they realize, that it
is not just about getting lots of money -
- getting money is easy
when you learn the secrets,
are selling a great product,
and are getting 100%commissions

(Yes,100% of it all)
Full Earnings Disclosure.

It’s more than that.

See it for yourself.

Take action.

Decide Now.

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Cashflow, Commissions and Cars.

This Guy can teach you how to create
some real freedom in your work
and in your life if you pay attention.

Now, back in the day…

It was ROUGH on the common guy
and the entrepreneur. If you wanted
something built, you literally had to
build it all yourself. Piece by piece.

And attend to your clients.
And manage your employees.
And work on your promotion.
And answer the phone.
And reply to letters.
And hone your skills in your trade.
And clean the shop.
And create your own tools.
And meet your deadlines.
And do all this while “having a life.”

And many people didn’t (have a life)…

But Henry was a “gangster” – so slick…

With no formal education whatsoever…

He was able to see the world through a
“non-institutionalized” mind.

Nice and clean.

Pure authentic vision and the curiosity
of a child. Mix those things together with
a burning desire to create something that
would build more freedom and leverage
into your life and what did Henry do?

He basically invented business as a
Duplicable System and he went on
to become one of the wealthiest and
most powerful people on the planet.

And he brought tremendous value to
his customers and elevated their standard
of living.

Back then very few could afford a stubborn
mule… let alone a “Motor Coach!”

Henry’s thinking, vision and systemization
allowed people who would never have been able
to afford it…

…the luxury of owning their own motor coach
at an affordable price. And now they could
zip around town with a little more freedom.

His “SYSTEM” and his VISION served
the masses.

You have to understand too, back in these days
people thought Henry’s concept HAD to be
a total scam!


“It’ll NEVER work!”

“What about the poor horse merchants??
You’re putting them out of business! How
horrible and greedy!”


“That’s not legal!”

Society didn’t have the vision for what
Henry dreamed up in his head.

They couldn’t see the value he was bringing.

Their mindset was fixed on the program of
“the past” and they couldn’t see past their own

Henry Ford basically created the business SYSTEM.

And soon after, his thinking and his concept
was applied to basically every single other
niche in industry, business, manufacturing
and even marketing…

And Henry didn’t have to be there in the garage
building every single car the market demanded.

He didn’t have to do it “one on one” because
his system did it for him.

This created more freedom for Henry Ford
to focus on his passions and to be able to
scale his business up.

Many people today ask me why I do
what I do… the way I do it.

It’s simple.

If the vision and the goal is to create:

1. Freedom in life.
2. Systematic Cashflow.

Then how can you not pay attention to
the progress available at your finger tips
with the internet, and home based entrepreneurial

How can you not follow in Henry Ford’s
footsteps and apply what he created over
100 years ago… to your life today?

Ignoring something so obvious just doesn’t
make sense.
And so as I sit here typing this
little article… at “Gramma’s” house…

In southern California…

While my two little daughters are playing
and being held by their Gramma…

And I’m sipping on some hot chocolate…

And we’re playing some Frank Sinatra
carols and just hanging out and enjoying
the season…

My little home company is generating sales.

My blog is being visited by people
interested in this very concept.

My sales videos are presenting my solution
to targeted prospects 24 hours a day…

My facebook pages are helping people like
you “get to know me” a bit better and building
a bit of trust…

All while I simply type this…

And share what is working and what
I’ve learned… with you.

And once I click on the “send” button…

You and over 27,000 other people that
are at work, or at play somewhere in the
world with a smart phone, a lap top or
some kind of internet and email access…

Will receive this teaching…

Some will be excited about the possibilities
and what they can do with this information
to elevate their life style…

Others will click on other links and ignore
this teaching and have thoughts such as:

“Bah Humbug!”

“Those things don’t work!”

“That can’t be legal!”



Just like over 100 years ago when the
cynics and skeptics told Henry the same
exact things…

I’d like to think Henry is smiling down
on us and having a nice cup of hot chocolate…

Amused at what’s happened to his little vision
of so long ago.

What will you do with this information My Friend?

Only you know for sure.

But between you and me and the fly on this wall…
I’d like to nudge you a bit in this direction…

Just imagine, what if…?

What if this concept really works?

How would your life change with a little
side home biz kicking out an extra
$300 to $600 every week for you with
97% automation… like a little machine…?

What if…?

I chose to think it COULD be possible.

And it’s made all the difference.

Have a very Merry Christmas.
Enjoy the season with those you care about
the most… and leave a little wonder and a little
imagination “in play” these days…

Just reflect on the possibilities.

I’ll talk with you soon my friend.

Merry Christmas!

Franco and the Fam.

P.S. Take a look under the hood of my
little Henry Ford Cashflow Vehicle here:

This Is The Spot.

100% Commissions and Highly Automatic
Transmission in this puppy means we get
a LOT of mileage with it and it free’s up a
lot my time to engage with you in training.

Purrrrrs like a kitten, but runs like a Lion! :0)

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The ONLY Thing That Matters (And Why)

A lot of people get ‘hooked’ and
mislead into believing things are
important that aren’t.

Case in point…..

For whatever reason, somewhere
along the line, you started to tell
yourself that making the sale is not
a priority.

“It will come…” you say to yourself.

Well, here’s the truth that comes
along with that.

Your paycheck will wait, too.

This misinformation that MANY
people start convincing themselves
of leads to what I like to call….

‘Business Destruction’

….which then breeds the need to
call in the ‘Business Red Cross’ -
and that’s when you go out and
catch ‘guru groupie’ fever and buy
another course on ‘mindset’ or
‘procrastination’ – thus sending
you into more debt and still chasing
the same dragon.

Which is – the sale.

It all leads back to that.


Learn to make the sale and this won’t
be a recocurring problem in your

Ignore it….

…and you’ll become another statistic
on the marketing ‘faceplant’ list.

I’m just keeping it real :)


Either go out and learn….

- Presentation skills
- Persuasive selling language
- Communication leverage tactics
- Hypnotic language patterns

….and a whole slew of other time
consuming stuff you really don’t want
to bother with (if you’re honest).

Or just use this, and only focus on
1 thing.

Creating content that you enjoy and
then getting traffic to your website.

Sure beats the alternative …..any day.

At least 12,643 other people think so in
the last 50 days :)

Go here and see what they saw:

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