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Baby Boomers ONLY. Young Schmucks Don’t Click This!

Dear Screwed & Pissed Off Baby Boomer:

I should know.

Those sneaky rat “goo-roos” raked me through
the coals and sold me up the hype river too!

Worked me over like a butchered pig and
then chucked me over to their “goo-roo”
buddies and bled me dry again and again.


I didn’t get mad.

That’s for pimple faced idiots that think
the internet is here so they can “DOMINATE”
and rip people off with their BS psycho-babble.

I’m a Baby Boomer.

I don’t get mad.

I kick ASS!

I learned what dweeb jedi mind trick
BS they were up to and I learned it too.

Only I use it to Attract CROWDS of Boomers
like me and I expose all the youngster BS

and we’re keeping this stuff simple and
banking BIG TIME! It’s like Summer 1969
all over again.

Hey look!

No, it’s not Hendrix man, he’s dead.


You NEED to get pissed first!

WAKE UP, cuz here’s the score
and it don’t look good on us:

1. The govt sold our asses down a river.
2. The banks took out retirements and equity.
3. The credit card companies whacked us too.
4. Now the dollar is dying when we need it most.
5. And it gets worse: Youngsters on the internet fleeced us too!



So here’s the plan:

Lets kick some BOOMER ASS!

Get to this site, read the darn thing
and then JOIN ME and Then EMAIL ME (yes I’m here to
actually chat with you and help you out)
and LET’S PARTY man!!!

Click here BOOMERS:

I’m pissed but FIRED UP to help tons of us get F-R-E-E!

Step 1: Checkout the site
Step 2: Email me
Step 3: join me so i get paid (let’s keep it real)
Step 4: I show you how to find others.

Money moves. You get paid. Finally!


And we (boomers) have AWESOME
financial power. We just were “newbies”
so we got taken by little dweeb “goo-roos”

email: robert@trinimarketing.com




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(focus on your breathing)

-Dave Wood

EN Co Founder

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What should we do?


Blog Daily.

Tell Others.

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Rouge Marketing Video (just released)

I was just emailed a video by one of
my more ‘rouge’ marketing partners,
and after watching it – realizing my eyes
we’re NOT playing tricks on me….

…I discovered a harsh realization…

Go here and see what I mean:

In a simple world full of complicated
people, this is the most ‘user-friendly’
approach to building a thriving,
profitable business online.

Even if….

Your part-time…

You hate picking up the phone….

Or you’ve never made a dime online.

I’ll admit.

It’s kind of “weird” – it’s kind of
“edgy” – and it’s kind of “rouge”….

But it works.


And it’s not the same ‘guru’ garbage
full of complicated non-sense we’re
all used to seeing.

I’ll have more for you tomorrow.

For now, check this out right now:

- Robert

P.S. After you watch that video….

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20 Seconds Of Courage!

Several years ago, my friend and
co-founder of Empower Network,
Dave Wood, was in a nature food
store grabbing a quick bite to eat

…the sparkle glimmering off the
face of a girl caught his attention
and consumed him almost instantly.

She was sitting with another man -
obviously her boyfriend – enjoying
lunch and good conversation.

Dave felt his chest tighten up.

Emotion rushed through his veins.

A compelling urge inside him made it
impossible to walk out the door of the
store without saying something to her.

So he mustered up the guts to walk
over….and at the very last minute, he
swerved – and walked away.

“Wussie” he muttered to himself.

He started to walk back over and
again – at the last minute, he swerved.

Sweat puddled up in his hands and
started to bead on his forehead.

His chest was pounding.

The wrinkled dress shirt he was wearing
was sticking to his back.

“Screw it!” he exclaimed.

He walked straight over and said……

“I know you two are together, and I
don’t mean to be rude….but I think
you are the most beautiful girl in the

“We’re not together…” she said.

“He’s just a friend.”

A short period of time later, they
were married.

Every day people walk away from
situations that could be a defining
moment in their lives.

Empower Network has put all it’s
energy into helping you seize yours.

Don’t be a wussie.

Stop over thinking it.

The results are right there.

Go see the PROOF Here:

You won’t look at making money in
your business online the same again.


Wait for the clock to hit zero…..

This Is It…Click HERE Now!

All it Takes is 20 Seconds of Courage!

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